13dp3dt / 4 weeks 1 day!

I am feeling ok today - I had a nice night last night. Went home and had a random dinner of a couple pita chips with hummus, a few fresh toasted french bread crostinis with green olive tapenade and a piece of cold quiche out of the refrigerator (!!) and then Kent went with Kenneth back to Honey's house for the night (Kenneth took him to work with him today since the kiddos don't have school today) and I went to a women's group meeting at church from 7-9 then came home to a quiet house! It was nice! I was actually feeling ok, so I got some housework caught up - did a load of laundry and dishes, vacuumed and did some dusting then I spent a little time on the computer and watched a recording of Grey's Anatomy while I ate a bowl of Special K with almond milk - YUMM!!

This morning I have been fairly emotional, I keep tearing up and cried in the car a couple times. The nausea isn't super strong, but sort of comes and goes in waves. I haven't really had much of an appetite yet today though I did have a big breakfast on my way into work. Every now and then my mouth starts watering and I wonder if I'm finally going to throw up, but so far not yet.

I keep thinking about the little baby bean that's baking and I hope and pray they are growing nice and strong and healthy and I pray for a good doubling time after our Monday beta check! If we get a good doubling time I am pretty sure I'll be able to relax at least a little. :) (Or I will TRY)!

I am pretty tired and had woken up with bad stomach pains, and wondered whether or not I was going to be able to go to work but they went away after being up for a little while so that is good, but I was sort of looking forward to the idea of getting to stay in bed for a day! I think I might just do that for most of tomorrow morning...! I will try to be a little productive around the house tonight so I can just veg tomorrow and catch up a little on my rest.

So glad its Friday!! :)


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