5dp3dt PM check in

I tested again this evening at 8pm after holding it for 3 hours and limiting my liquid intake and still negative. Yes, I know its early and there's plenty of time and honestly I'm not worried about it! I feel good about this cycle and how I'm feeling and trust that the positive is going to show up soon enough! :)

I have been so achy and crampy all day today off and on, weird sensations going on! I had another long day at work - I left at 5 instead of 8, but it was still a long day and I'm just so tired and ready for a good night of sleep. I put my EMLA on at 7:30 so its about time to go prep my shot and then go to bed! WOO HOO!! :)

I have been really nauseated most of today too - it comes and goes but its been pretty constant. I know it is possibly just the meds messing with me, but its weird how it just started last night and has kept up today. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)


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