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Here is a flashback to my posts when I found out I was pregnant with Fiona! (From my postings on

Hello ladies! You don't have to add me yet, I am sort of in limbo until my Monday ultrasound to figure out if we're a go or not. But I'm on CD12 of meds today, and my lining is at a 7mm and tri; so things are going in the right direction. They have to STAY THAT WAY and thicken a little more by Monday (they want at least an 8mm); I am praying HARD that this is it and that it will happen this time. If things look good Monday I'll have my FET November 2nd... I really, really, really hope I will be a Cranbaby!!

I AM a cranbaby!!! Transfer is set for November 3rd!!! I am SO excited I can barely stand it. I got the call last night while driving home, and had to pull off the freeway to get all my instructions and immediately phone my IPs and we were all giddy together!! I did my first PIO this morning, and will do my first suppository tonight. We were told they'll start thawing the embryos tomorrow, and will give us status checks (me and my IM). They'll let us know on Thursday what time the transfer is set for. I head to NJ Thursday afternoon... WOOOO FREAKIN' HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I AM SOOOOO Excited!! I am useless today at work, all I can think about is getting on that plane tomorrow! I will probably head out early, I just don't think I can take it! I asked if Stephanie will post an updated for me while I'm there since I won't have internet between tomorrow afternoon and Monday.

I'm guessing they'll set my beta for November 17th, which is the day before we have my son's 8th b-day party; I really hope I'll have great news to be excited and happy about, otherwise I might be all depressed and no fun at all!

11-01-2006 (post from Stephanie)
Yes...I will be posting for Beka...she has my cell number and i will make sure I have it on at all times!!!!! Sweetheart you are gonna do great and be pregnant in just a few days!!!!! HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!

Stephanie - THANK YOU SWEETIE!! LOVE YOU!!!! I can't wait to give you a call on Friday eve or Saturday with an update. Here it is 1:25am and I CANNOT sleep a wink. So, I'm up... doing nothing. I can't pack 'cuz all that's in my room. I started last night and my stinky husband made me "GO TO BED"! The nerve of some people. My coordinator and I talked for about a half hour going over last minute details. I'm still waiting for an update on the embroys to hear how they're doing. They started the thaw yesterday... I've got all fingers and toes crossed for some healthy little future babies!!

I have started drinking water already this morning, and will do my best to stay hydrated while away. Nothing but water from here on out!

Hopefully I can at least update about that before I head out for the airport around 11:30 today. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! I'm just going crazy!

Cooper called about an hour ago with instructions for tomorrow, transfer is set for 9:30am. 5 of the 6 they started thawing have divided today, they will continue to watch them and want them to divide again before they will make the final decision on which 3 we transfer. It is SLOWLY sinking in that this is really happening. I'm still in shock, and get a little nauseated when I think about it all! Of course, that could be the progesterone talking.

11-03-2006 (post from Stephanie)
Rebekah is not near a computer....She asked me to update for her when the transfer is done so I will post for her just as soon as I talk to her!!!!

11-03-2006 (post from Stephanie)
I just got off the phone with a very loopy Beka...they transferred 3 8 celled beauties!!!!

She is lounging in her hotel room...enjoying the effects of the valium that they gave her and instructing the embies to "keep their arms and legs inside the vehicle".

She sounded wonderful!!!!!

I'm so happy to be back, and hope all the Cran babies are doing well!

I will probably start testing tomorrow or Wednesday - I know its early, but I have all those tests, I might as well use them!! I will be 4dp3dt tomorrow. Where is everyone else at??

I started testing today!! It was negative, of course, but 4dp3dt = 7dpo and the earliest bfps I've heard of started around 8dpo, which would be tomorrow. I want to see when it goes from neg to positive... If you're going to be an early tester and your first 3-day transfer happened Monday, I would suggest Friday or Saturday at the VERY earliest to start POAS!! Good luck!!

The progesterone (or perhaps little embies?) are KICKING MY BUTT!! I am feeling queasy off and on, hungry but with no real appetite, and absolutely exhausted... anyone else have this problem on progesterone?

Well, still using my internet cheapies this morning and nadda - I will try again tonight!!

Well, I just heard that at least 2 of the other Cooper transfers that happened the week before me all got their definite BFPs on 8dp3dt, so this weekend I am really going to be looking for line #2!! (Of course I'm still hoping it shows before then, the suspense is killing me!)

Today, on the way into work, all I could think about (for breakfast mind you) was getting a big turkey sandwich... what is THAT??! I thought it was pretty funny.

How's everyone feeling? I'm 5dp3dt and testing with my cheapie internet strips for now and they're still negative as of this morning, I'll try again tonight!

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking out a little right now... trying not to get too excited, HA!! I just used my internet cheapies, and the one from has a VERY FAINT SECOND LINE... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I know, I know, don't get too excited until I see the other brands and see the line get darker, but still.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Yes, it is DEFINITELY an addiction!! I keep thinking "how many do I have left, how long will that last me if I do 1 or 2 in the morning, maybe 1 in the afternoon, and 1 at night?! I need to go buy MORE!!"

So, sad to say I could not repeat those results this morning when I POAS on an equate and another of the same type of strip test from I brought another equate with me to POAS maybe this afternoon... unless I behave and wait until tonight!

Had some more twinging yesterday on the opposite side as Tuesday, and this morning tugging sensations on the left... I am still hopeful, but just really can't wait to see double lines on multiple tests! It was a bummer too, that one that had a second line dried clear! But, my DH did see it and confirmed I'm not (entirely) insane... Soon, I hope! Good luck to the rest of you POAS today!!

I did mine first thing this morning at 3am when I woke up to pee, and will have to wait to do my next one when I get home around 6pm... that's SOOO long to go without POAS!!!!

I'm doing AM and PM testing, but other than that I am right there with you - when that first real BFP comes, there will be a WHOLE lotta POAS goin' on at my house!!

know what you mean about KNOWING its early but still being frustrated by no second line. That's how I'm starting to feel today. Last night and this morning nadda. Again a FAINT ghost line on the strip, so I'm wondering if those are giving me evap lines. I definitely don't trust it to mean anything. Nothing on my equate this morning at all and I'm 7dp3dt now. I brought an Answer with me to work today, I'll try around 1pm, and then again probably another Equate tonight before bed. Maybe tomorrow will be the magic day!

Good luck to the rest of you POAS-ers!!

Thanks ladies!! I am hanging in there and still very hopeful for a BFP in the next couple days, like Zarina said, I know in my head there's still time, but its just a matter of wanting to "get it over with" so I can feel relieved that it really worked!

I just posted on the "pee party thread" but will ask here too!!

Can someone tell me if "Answer" brand pregnancy tests give false positives??

Super Surro Eyes needed - light, but I see it this time for sure!! Maybe someone with photo savvy can do that cool inverted thing??

Oh, did I mention how I'm feeling: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I got quick, but still faint, lines on equate and FRED. Still waiting for that dark line to get too excited and tell my IPs, I would hate to think things weren't progressing correctly and get their hopes up high!! The equate is darker than it was last night, but still so light.

Was everyone else getting dark lines by 8dp3dt?? I will test again tonight for comparison, if it is darker I will probably call them with the news... I had thought I'd do something fun like an e-mail or overnighted package, but I think I'd rather just tell them over the phone and hear their voices!

I tested again this morning, because I am PARANOID that the next test I take will be negative, and got a really NICE dark positive on Equate:

I sent this one to my IPs this morning, and am finally feeling brave enough to test on my digitals tonight.

Am I weird to be so paranoid? Does anyone else feel like they next one won't be as positive as the one before? I am having such a hard time accepting that this really truly may have worked!!

I'm queasy, but I feel better when I'm sucking on hard candy or sipping juice. What works for you guys? For dinner last night I had a bowl of Crispix cereal with a banana on top!! I thought that was really funny... I just crave carbs, and meat sounds really icky to me right now.

I asked my hubby to make a big pot of spaghetti for dinner tonight. I am loving my pasta! I keep wondering as the hcg increases in my system how much worse this is going to get!!! I say BRING IT ON.

Beta TOMORROW!! I am so stinkin' excited, I did NOT sleep well last night at all - and my beta's not for another 24 hours!! I imagine I won't be sleeping well tonight either...

I keep going over and over in my head what the number MIGHT be, and what I hope it will at least be... I'm just so excited for my IPs, and I just want so badly to get a nice healthy number so we'll know things are moving in the right direction!!

All you preggo ladies with the beautiful big betas, rub your bellies for us and send some of those big beta vibes my way, pretty please!!!

I had my blood drawn this AM, I was told I could call around 2pm for results - I will go NUTS between now and then. I need to find something to do to keep me really, really busy!!

Next update stick in a big 'ol 198.1 for me at 12dp3dt for my beta, pretty please!! WOO HOO!! 2nd Beta will be on Friday the 17th!

I am cracking up at myself this morning! I've been hungry a lot, but having a hard time finding anything that sounds appealing. So, this morning I picked up a few things at the grocery store:
white milk
chocolate milk
plain bagels
cream cheese
cheese slices
baby kosher dill pickles
Shredded Wheat cereal

Of those items, do you know what I ended up eating for breakfast?? Chocolate milk and pickles!! I've almost drunk a quart of the milk, and had about 5 or 6 pickles - that's what sounded good!! I am finding this very amusing!! I told my friend at the front desk, and almost made her ill.

Going for beta number two in about 10 minutes - I'll have results sometime this afternoon between 2-2:30... keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

15dp3dt 388.5!! Happy Dancin'!!

I will have 2 more betas, on the 20th, and then again on the 27th. But we won't have an u/s until the 2nd week of December... TORTURE I TELL YOU!

I had my 3rd beta today - hoping it's still going up up up! (I'll get results probably early afternoon). I am feeling lousy. The m/s comes and goes. I sorta feel sea sick when it's bad. I still haven't thrown up yet, but I sure feel like its COMING!

My IPs said they're reading up on all the fetal development and baby books and getting a head start. They are SO ready to be parents! I am looking forward to seeing my OB next Monday and getting scheduled for my first u/s... it will really help to see that h/b for the first time. Until then I'm still a little on edge.

I'm 18dp3dt today, and anxiously waiting my lab results! It's never taken this long before, and I wasn't worried up until now.... I sure hope they call soon... I don't like this wondering what's going on.

FINALLY!! My cell phone died in the car, so I just retrieved my message. And I counted wrong, I'm 17dp3dt. It's 1264 - so all is well in that department!

The problem is my estradiol 5,734... they are decreasing my patches as apparently this is not a good thing!! Anyhow, hopefully it will come down some. They want labs done again on Friday.

My ultrasound is scheduled for December 6th at 2pm... Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!! I also had another beta today, but won't have results for a few more days. I am 24dp3dt today.

I got my first faint pos was on an Answer, and the one I'd taken earlier was DEFINITELY bfn, it was obvious when it was pos... if it's pink, its BFP!! And yes, the symptoms were much stronger on some days than others, I can't think of any that were all that consistent. Even now, the twinging and the nausea comes and goes. The fatigue is pretty constant now, but it wasn't then (at the very beginning)!!

I feel so left out!! I'm the only one towards the top of the group with no u/s results!!! *Sigh* Just TWO more days!! I'm almost POSITIVE it's going to be just 1 happy healthy baby; more than finding out "how many" I just want to see a heartbeat and hear the baby's measuring on track!!

Can you believe our month is officially over, and we are now in December? Only 2 more ladies in waiting!! I think I'm sort of here and on the first tri board until I hear my u/s results; then maybe I'll feel ready to admit to myself its really official!!

Everything is great!! I'm so excited!

There was one beautiful little bean measuring right on at 7w0d, and with a heart rate of 158 bpm!!

I told IM that it must be a girl who wanted the womb all to herself and didn't want to share...

She was somewhat incredulous, but I know they are SOOO excited!



Ok, that was a fun walk down memory lane!! :D Time to make some new memories - hurry up RBA and call us back!!! :)


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