6dp3dt - trucking along!

In a great mood today!! More low achiness and occasional actual twingy cramps, my breasts are a little tingly and feeling somewhat heavy today too (I know this is TMI for some people - in which case you should not be reading here, I like to keep track of EVERYTHING going on because it's fun to go back and look to compare and remember!! :D ) I am still pretty nauseated most of the time off and on too - a general uneasiness in my stomach.

I'm completely wiped and looking forward to a low key weekend, and a long night of sleep tonight! Yay!! I went to bed I think right around 9:00 last night and it was awesome to get to bed at a good hour and I slept like a rock! Not too much soreness still (knock on something) from the PIO shots - a few tender spots, but not too bad yet. I'm hoping my heating pad routine is helping minimize the discomfort.

I called the clinic today for an Estrace refill, I'm down to about a week or so worth left so hopefully I can pick that up today or tomorrow from my pharmacy.

Nothing too exciting going on today - just have to make it through the long day so I can go home and test tonight!! I can't wait! I am feeling REALLY good about things and can't wait for a good test line so I can call my IPs and give them the great news! :)

Kenneth is meeting me for lunch today and we're going to one of my VERY favorite restaurants EVER - Cafe Sunflower! It is the BEST!! They are a vegetarian restaurant that I LOVED way before I ever considered giving up meat. Their food is really, really yummy!


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