5dp3dt AM

Nothing too exciting to report today. I woke up at 4am to use the bathroom and the need to use a test overtook me and I caved and tested on one of the OSOM cartridges. I was exactly 4.5dp3dt and no huge shocker - the test was negative! I tried twisting it and squinting and hopping up and down on one foot to see if I could see a glimmer of a line under the "T" above the little window, but alas no such luck. I'll try again tonight! :)

Feeling ok, faintly queasy off and on all morning, and a few tugging twinges low on the right but nothing like the past few days. Definitely tired still, but that's to be expected on all this progesterone! I am still very bloated too, that seems to come and go.

I discovered this morning I've managed to actually burn myself a little from all the time I've spent on the heating pad for my PIO injection sites. You're really not supposed to lay on them, but I do anyway to help hold it in place, and I must have layed on it too long or something becuase I have two red dots on my upper thigh on the side I was laying on the other night! Oops! They don't hurt, but made me realize I need to be more careful! At least the PIO injection sites aren't bothering me TOO much yet (knock on wood). I'm still lumpy from before, so it's hard to tell what might be new in that department. Some tenderness and ocassional itching, but other than that it's going well so far.

I can't wait to get home at a normal hour this evening and be able to rest. I double checked my calendar - no plans today, yay! :)


  1. When you're testing super early with the OSOMs, if there's any amouunt hcg in your system it will pick it up. In the very early days like now, it might take up to an hour for any hint of a line to show because the tests have to dry COMPLETELY. With my chemicals I got first SUPER faint positives at 2.75dp5dt, but the ghost line didn't show until nearly an hour after it dried. I know it wasn't an evap, because I started testing from 1.5dp5dt and looked back at those tests and there was NOTHING to be seen on those.

    Keep testing, Rebekah! Your signs all sound so convincing! :)


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