7dp3dt PM check in! :)

Testing is going well - not getting dark as fast as my impatient self would like to see, but I pulled up my tests from Fiona's pregnancy and they are comparable, even a day ahead, but definitely comparable so I am trying to be patient and trust that in another 24-48 hours they will be better and I will see a more noticeable difference.

Tonight compared to 24 hours ago.
Close up of tonight.

Beta day is 4.5 days away and L and I are both ready to see what our levels will be and see how things look for us and this pregnancy! I am nervous and excited and so hopeful for everything to go BEAUTIFULLY! :)

I got to be lazy most of today which was nice - I kept my feet up and we watched a couple movies and I dozed off and on. It was nice to chill and rest a little especially after such a busy week and of course being extra tired from hormones right now!

Once I got up this afternoon it didn't take too long to start feeling a bit queasy again and then we ran some errands and did shopping this evening and I was pretty tired pretty quickly! It was good to get out and walk around though, I've spent a lot of this last week sitting in front of a computer or laying with my feet up.

We're having a late dinner of some yummy veggie lasagna part of the Whole Foods goodies from L and then off to dream... :)


  1. I'm still so in awe of what you are willing to do to help another family- it's beautiful and amazing.


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