I am so proud of myself - no urge to start POASing yet (I started this early after Fiona's transfer - WAYYYY too early)! I am VERY anxiously looking forward to Thursday when I will probably start, but I am glad yesterday went by so quickly! It was crazy busy at work and today is going to be as well, we have to finalize and produce one of the 2 proposals I'm working on and I have a ton of edits to do for the other one!

I didn't leave the office until 8pm last night, so I'm pretty wiped this morning. Even though I didn't go to bed that much later than I normally would (around 10:30) the long day at work and the meds I'm on have me feeling pretty wiped out!

I had a few twingy cramps on the left last night, and lots more of the constant pressure type cramps on the right and today not too much - still a bit of that pressure sensation and a TON of lower abdominal bloating. Ugh! I already look 3 months pregnant thanks to the PIO. Oh well, that's what comfy loose clothes are for! :)

We got our Girl Scout cookies delivered at work this morning - that was nice, I was wondering what I was going to eat for breakfast! :D Seriously, I'm going to have to lock those things up and keep chugging my glasses of water to not dig into them... too much! :)

Here's to another day flying by and one day closer to testing! Yay!

Had to come back and add - it is SNOWING today again!! This is definitely a record since I've lived here! THREE different snow days this winter!! Crazy!! It's so pretty watching the big 'ol snowflakes drifting down outside my window... I hope I can get home safely tonight, but for now I will just enjoy how pretty it is and try not to think about the mess traffic will be this afternoon/evening!!


  1. Girl Scout cookies are from the devil, I swear. They must put crack in them or something because I seriously just polished off a box of thin mints by myself over the last two days...good luck not scarfing them all down! :)


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