One more day almost done!

I can almost check Tuesday off on the calendar!! About 41 more hours until we have our ultrasound!! The evenings always go fast so before I know it, it will be Wednesday morning and we'll be down to 24 more hours! "L" checked in with me this morning and she is so excited and ready for Thursday too!

I alternate between being SO sure everything is going to be beautiful and then nervousness!! Today I've had a few moments of feeling pretty good and then a lot of fatigue and queasiness too. Early this morning I was feeling ok and then by about 10:00 the queasiness hit and was getting worse heading towards lunch. Kenneth got here around noon and we went to Nothing But Noodles for lunch. I was really hungry apparently because I ate almost the whole bowl of Sesame Lo Mein very quickly and then I just sat back and enjoyed the sunshine and let my lunch settle. About 20 minutes later my stomach was churning again. But I enjoyed that brief break of actually just getting to enjoy a good meal!

I am planning on fixing meatloaf and potatoes when I get home tonight followed by a lot of being lazy. Ok, actually there is a lot of laundry to fold tonight, but I'm really hoping for some being lazy in there somewhere!!


  1. I think you're allowed to be lazy! Also, Nothing But Noodles?! That sounds like my kind of place! :)


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