Beta Day - Take Three!

Blood was drawn about 2 hours ago and we have to wait about 4-5 more hours 'til we get results.

In the mean time I am feeling ICKY today! Yesterday was rough and today feels like its going to be about the same.

On Sunday morning I woke up and felt ok, but I'd eaten SO much dinner on Saturday when we went to Provino's with Johnny and Vicki that I had very little appetite on Sunday morning and figured it wouldn't hurt me to skip a meal after how much I'd eaten the night before! I watched my 2 year old class from 9-10:30 and enjoyed the 11:00 service and then a group of us went out for lunch afterwards and by about 1:00 when we were sitting waiting it just hit me full on... I felt so nauseated and just "blah"... I wanted to go home and lay down sooo bad! I ordered soup and salad and ate a couple spoonfuls of soup - the baked potato pieces tasted good but it wasn't settling well and I tried the salad and it tasted off and wasn't settling well either. The waves of nausea just wouldn't stop... That kept up literally ALL afternoon and evening. It never really let up. I sipped a diet gingerale and ate a couple pieces of toast over the course of the afternoon (and half a sleeve of Thin Mints - BAD idea)... nothing really helped.

I was also FREEZING all evening! I bundled up in my sweatshirt and napped on the couch under our big fuzzy blanket and I turned the heat up to 70 but I was still really cold all evening.

Today I feel pretty similarly. Not quite as bad, but not good - my stomach is very uneasy and I keep getting chills, I'm very tired and mildly crampy. Lots of great symptoms! :) I told "L" I won't complain at all about feeling so lousy if it means there is a happy healthy baby baking!!

Fingers crossed that the hours pass quickly and we hear our GOOD beta number back soon. :)


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