4 weeks 5 days

Tired... yep, that about sums up how I feel right now. And I am crampy a lot off and on, and a light nausea sort of comes and goes. I'm hungry a lot too. That's pretty much everything going on with me right now!

There is a lot going on outside of the surrogacy too in my home life and it definitely adds to the fatigue, but it will all be ok and I am just resting as much as I feel I need to (which is a lot) to get through it all and still feel good as much as possible. I struggle a lot with how tired I am, I feel lazy and useless and I really, really don't like feeling that way. Anytime I have a few moments of feeling ok I feel the need to rush around and get a bunch done and then I'm even more tired, but at least I feel like I accomplished something! Yesterday I got most of the mail pile sorted and organized and put the trash mail in the recyling bin and I felt like I did something! As long as I can do something each day I think I will get through these feelings of uselessness and frustration with myself. I don't like feeling frustrated, and I don't like feeling incapable either.

It's another beautiful but chilly day - I am glad to see sunshine even if I know it is COLD! My temperature has fluctuated a lot. I have been cold a lot and then I'll get really hot at night. I have like 5 blankets on my bed though, since I tend to be cold but sometimes I just wake up drenched in sweat. I am also starting to get foot cramps off and on. I've had issues with those before but not for a long time! I hope they don't get worse. I need to make a point to stay hydrated and remember my calcium/iron/potassium supplements every day! Speaking of - time for some more water! :)


  1. Oh, I hated the fatigue in my first trimesters! Get some rest :)

  2. I had forgotten how tired I was when I was pregnant! My husband and I are trying to decide if we want to have more children so I love hearing about your experiences with this surrogacy.


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