So ready for the next beta!!

Now that we're at the tail end of the week I keep thinking about MONDAY!! I am so READY to hear that next beta number and know everything is still going well.

Haven't had any super strong symptoms lately and yes it makes me nervous...! :) Same off and on cramps, off and on sore chest, tired but its been manageable the last couple days, and my stomach sort of seems to have moments of feeling fine and others of really hating me when I eat something. It's very odd! I know its totally normal for symptoms to come and go and be stronger at some times then it is at others, but I can't help but over analyze!

I am excited to find out if I can stop PIO injections after Monday's lab draw too! I am actually doing really well on it so far, just a few moments of soreness and itchiness but I keep waiting for a "bad" one and then having that horrible pain I remember from last time around. I keep praying I'll get the chance to come off injectables before that happens!!

Vicki and I are taking the boys to Chuck E Cheese tonight - the last time we went was 2 weeks ago, the night I took my first Answer test (at Chuck E Cheese) and saw that beautiful faint positive test! It will be fun to get to have a night with the kiddos and Kent is looking forward to it. I intend to play some air hockey this time (and to guiltily really enjoy their very greasy but yummy pizza)! :D


  1. Glad things are going well for you so far. You're only about 3 weeks behind me this time! ;)

    Here's to an uneventful 1st trimester!


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