8dp3dt Gotta LOVE the digi's!!

My IM asked me to use a digi test - I think she's definitely on the cautious side of "cautiously optimistic" and though the lines have been getting darker, I am sure seeing them get darker faster would be more reassuring! I have been a little nervous about it too, so I understand, but at the same time I am really happy with how things are going and how I'm feeling so I am not too worried. There are of course many things that can go wrong, but I am trusting that this pregnancy is developing beautifully and we're going to get a great beta number on Thursday and continue on with a happy and healthy pregnancy resulting in a happy and healthy baby for L&N!

In any event, I used my last OSOM this morning and then I dipped an EPT digital test and set it on the counter and anxiously watched that timer spin around and around and around while I tried to focus on brushing my teeth. All of a sudden the most beautiful word popped up "PREGNANT" on the screen!! WOW!!! I started doing a happy dance and scrambling for the camera!

I was running late for church this morning so I texted L a picture of the test, but it doesn't look like she got it - I had an e-mail from her looking for test pictures when I got home and logged in this afternoon. I sent her a couple pictures a little while ago once I was home and settled after church and I think that was a little more reassuring for her, but I know blood results and then ultrasound is going to be much MORE reassuring! :) I can't wait to get to the point of having our first ultrasound and then seeing a little heartbeat! So exciting!!

I watched my 3 year old class this morning for the 9:00 service and then went to the 11:00 service with Kenneth. I LOVE watching those kiddos - just puts me in the best mood! I love giggling with them, soothing them when they're upset, helping them share, watching them eat their snacks... they just make my heart smile! :) Church was great too - lots to think about. I cramped throughout service though so instead of going with Kenneth for grocery shopping I came straight home to get my feet up where I'm currently resting right now. Thank goodness for my lap tray that lets me be on the computer while I'm resting! :)

I'm having a lot of nausea this afternoon, so I'm trying to drink more water and keep my fluid intake up.

Here are the OSOMs (24 hour difference, yesterday AM and this morning).
And the beautiful digi - 8dp3dt, FMU.


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