4 weeks 3 days, 15dp3dt

Had a great weekend and I'm ready for my beta tomorrow... a little nervous but just so ready to know what it will be and how things are going with this pregnancy!

We went to Big Pie in the Sky in Kennesaw for pizza last night - we'd seen it on Man Vs. Food on the Food Network and pizza sounded good! We had to wait forever for dinner and I was starving, but it was really good and man those pieces are HUGE!! I felt sick afterwards though and almost lost my dinner, not sure if it was from what I ate or just overeating because I waited too long and got too hungry.

I have been really crampy off and on and it worries me a little but I'm hoping its just because of all the activity going on in my womb right now!! :) I hope a beautiful little person is growing right on track right now!

I think I'm going to look up my old posts from Fiona's pregnancy and see if I mentioned a lot of cramping early on to make myself feel a little better! We got more Answer brand tests so I could see the line is darker then the one I took on beta day - I took it last night and it was a beautiful really dark line, darker and thicker than the control line even. :) I am still so worried for everything to be ok with this little bean! I can't wait to get to the point where we can have an ultrasound to see how everything is going.

I watched my 2 1/2 year olds this morning at the 9:00 service and that was running on a night of little sleep so I was really warn out after watching the kids - I made it through service but I was exhausted and came home to put my feet up and have had them up for the rest of the afternoon. I napped for awhile but I'm still pretty sleepy so I'm looking forward to a few more hours of doing nothing and hoping I can find a little more energy by tomorrow.


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