9dp3dt count down 'til beta day!

Thursday is only THREE days away!! THREE days until we find out what the hcg level is in my system and get a better sense of what's going on! I am feeling very encouraged by the continually darkening pregnancy tests and when I had looked up hcg doubling rates and was reminded they're only supposed to double ever 48 - 72 hours and not ever 24 hours that made me feel better too! :) I think tonights line is going to be nice and pretty and I'm sure I'll keep testing at least through Wednesday evening but we're ALMOST there!! Almost time to see what our levels look like! Woo hoo! :)

I am feeling pretty good today - very tired and a little out of it and ocassional waves of nausea but mainly just tired today. Bed sounds very, very good to me! Thankfully I have enough stuff to keep me busy that the time is passing relatively quickly until I can hop back in my car and go home and get my feet up again.

It has been a blessing to have Kent and Kenneth to take care of me lately, and I am grateful to them both for being there to keep the house in order and get shopping and laundry done and good meals ready when I just am not up to it! I have helped, but not nearly as much as I would normally be doing. Hopefully I will adjust to all these levels and find my energy again eventually. I'm making a point to take it extra easy in general anyway though, I want to make sure I don't do ANYTHING to jeopardize this little life that's just beginning it's amazing journey!! :)

ETA: Had to come back and say MorningStar Farms has started introducing a line of frozen entrees and OH MY GOSH!! I just had the Sweet & Sour Chik'n and it was SO YUMMY and a nice 14 grams of protein too! :D So excited to be able to get veggie lunch entrees from them now!! Yay!! Let's hope it doesn't cause a whole bunch of nausea in another 20 minutes or so...!


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