4dp3dt evening check in

Wow... its been an interesting afternoon. I left work early for an appointment and got home around 4:30, I checked e-mail for work and then crawled straight into bed and layed on a heating pad for my hip that's been sore from the PIO shots. Next thing I knew my chihuahua was making some growling noises and I told him to hush and then looked at the clock and it was just after 6pm! Wow! I got up slowly and was still feeling really out of it.

Kenneth and Kent had gotten home and we all had various leftovers from the fridge for dinner. Kenneth had a leftover sub from Blimpie and the minute I pulled it out of the plastic bag I almost threw up the smell of onions was SO strong to me. Kenneth said he could smell it some but not that much. I had waves of nausea for another couple minutes after he put it away. I sipped some diet gingerale to help quiet my stomach down. We ate dinner - I had some garden veggie soup in a bread bowl from Atlanta Bread Co. - YUMMY!! and then quickly got ready to head out to the basketball game. I was feeling queasy after eating dinner. I looked at myself in the mirror when I was done changing and saw a red flush all across my face - I had noticed earlier when I got up from my nap that my skin didn't look right, I look very pale right now. I decided to check my temp - it was 100.0. I don't feel sick or anything, and it could be just from all the progesterone, but I've checked my temp before on other cycles and it was not anywhere near that high just from meds!

We drove over to the game and I felt nauseated the whole way there. I sipped my gingerale and it helped a little. At the game it was hard to get comfortable - I get a lot of pinching and cramping from sitting, but I felt better when I leaned back a little. I kept smelling ketchup too - I am not sure where it was coming from but I saw some packets near by. Kenneth got a chick fil a meal to share with everyone, and things tasted really salty to me and the brownie made me queasy too even though it tasted REALLY good. The game itself was fun!! It flew by and was a fun way to spend a couple hours. However I am glad to be home, am just waiting for my EMLA cream to have its hour to kick in so I can do my shot and go to SLEEP!!

I could be crazy and creating symptoms in my head (or just having some from the meds and being hyper aware of them) but after tonight I am feeling pretty positively about things and thinking a baby or two is in the making right now. I'm extremely curious to see how I feel tomorrow after all this tonight and can't help but cross my fingers for more of the same!

I've been fighting the urge to POAS tonight, but I really, realy don't want to waste a bunch of tests. I am still going to try to be good and hold out 'til tomorrow evening. Hoping to find patience tomorrow AM!


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