Had a LONG night that started with waking up at 4:30 to find Kent in the living room because he "couldn't sleep" and then about an hour later a viscious leg cramp woke me up so I got up, walked, drank water and ate a banana. I finally got back to sleep. I really enjoyed sleeping in this morning but then it was time to get up so I got myself going and we fixed a picnic lunch, did a couple loads of laundry and then loaded up and headed to the Silver Comet Trail for a nice walk. We walked for about 50 minutes, then got back to the car and grabbed our lunch and walked over to the park next to the parking lot. We enjoyed our sandwiches and then threw a frisbee around for a little while. I was SO exhausted by the end of that though and very ready to get back. I felt pretty good most of the time but I would have these waves of nausea every now and then where it felt like I would loose whatever was in my stomach right then and there... I keep cramping off and on too. Hopefully I didn't over do it but I sure don't feel so great right now. And all of a sudden I'm craving CHINESE!! I'm hungry and I just ate!! Maybe I'll go heat up an egg roll. :)

I am so ready for Monday's beta!!

I'm having an emotional day... and I miss my friends. I haven't talked to anyone today and I just feel a little lonely I think!! Hormones are cranked up or something. :) Going to swap out the laundry and try to nap a little and go eat that egg roll! :)


  1. Oh no, looks like the hormone swings are kicking in! Hope you start to feel back to normal sonn :) Or, at least, in 9 months!


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