37w3d Check In! :)

All is well today! We had a pretty good day, we went to the bank and got the PBO affidavits notarized (they were sent to us yesterday afternoon via e-mail)!! :) Then we stopped at the Post Office and sent them Express Mail for Monday delivery to the lawyers office. I can't wait to hear that is all taken care of! That will be such a huge relief!!

Then we all went and saw the new Transformers movie - I really liked it, and it was great on the big screen! I think I ate half the huge tub of popcorn at the theater!! Yummy!!

Ok this may be TMI, but this morning after my shower I found a really huge string of cervical mucous, it was about 4-5 inches long and the clear/white stuff - I had another huge glob this afternoon. I've had quite a bit of CM this pregnancy, but that was the most I've seen at one time! Still no blood or anything else though. I have had increased bowel movements the last 2 days or so as well. I also woke up with completely stuffed up ears - no other congestion, just in my ears. I keep wondering if she's coming soon, or if this is just a long lead up! :)

So, nothing too exciting today - but that's my update!


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