What Is Going On Tonight (36w2d)?

Maybe nothing - maybe similar to last Friday's fatigue episode resulting in funky symptoms - but it started this afternoon. I am feeling hot and clammy (was sweating earlier) but my temp is lower than normal (at about 98.0-98.3), I've had quite a few mild contractions, and those slowed down, and now about every 15 minutes or so I am having somewhat more painful, or at least noticeable ones. I have very little appetite especially this evening, but am very thirsty. I threw up earlier this afternoon before I left work, just feeling nauseated. I've had a TON of pressure down low, and would be really surprised if I'm NOT dilated a little more!

I have this NEED to get my house in order! Kent and I have spent the last hour plus washing rugs, scrubbing his bathroom, washing his shower curtain, folding and putting away laundry, vacuuming and spot cleaning the carpet, vacuuming the kitchen floor, doing dishes, hanging clothes... etc.!! I had him pack an overnight bag too, for whether he comes with me to the hospital or needs to go spend a night or two with family...

I am tired, but not ready to stop until I have everything tidied up!! I am glad its the weekend, I can sleep in and rest tomorrow, after I get all this stuff done!! :) I mainly have my bathroom and general tidying in the kitchen left to do, the house really isn't that bad - I feel like I'm in Spring Clean mode!! I am contributing part of it to the fact that I found out last night Kenneth will be home on the 5th, and I feel like I want to get things ready for him too... Maybe that's all it is?! I don't know, I suppose only time will tell! :)


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