Yay for Hubby Calling Home!

YAY!! I got to talk to my hubby today!! I am so happy to have heard his voice - its been 3 weeks since he left now! We got to talk for about 16 minutes! He will be home from July 5th - 14th then gone again through September 20th (or thereabouts). I keep wondering if this little ones appearance will be timed just right and he'll be here! I would really like it if he was, just for his support and love during and after! (But I'm pretty sure he'd rather miss out!! :) )

I've had a couple contractions today, but overall I'm feeling good/normal. I alternate between energy and wanting to get things cleaned and accomplished to feeling really tired and ready to crawl into bed!

I washed all my bedding today - so that nice clean bed is calling my name!! :)


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