37w2d - Not Too Much Going On (yet)! :)

Just doing my daily check in with how I'm feeling and what's going on.

So far today I have had off and on lower back pain, pretty intense lower pelvic pressure (especially just sitting here at my desk), some fun upper abdominal pains and a few bouts of nausea (and its only 8:00 am)! :) We shall see what the rest of the day brings.

I am finding it interesting to keep track of everything I'm feeling, mostly because I'm curious what the time relationship will be to when I actually go into labor. I'm very curious to figure out if anything I'm experiencing is because labor is coming, or if its all just normal third trimester aches/pains, etc.!

I slept pretty well last night, though I'm tired as per my usual by Friday. Thank goodness for Wednesday off, otherwise I can't imagine making it through the day!

I think we are going to get the PBO affidavits e-mailed to us, so Kenneth and I can go get those signed and notarized tomorrow morning!! (Crossing fingers, and toes!!) I am glad that he's here to sign them, I just feel so bad for my IPs that its taken so long to get everything together, and they have had to do so much groundwork to get this all to come together!

Kenneth isn't feeling well, but maybe I can convince him to come with me for a walk at the Silver Comet Trail - or maybe I can go wallking while he's napping or something. I think he is coming down with a cold from the stress and traveling - this usually happens when he gets back from being gone for so long and he pushes himself so hard while he's out on the training missions... anyhow, hopefully some R&R at home will have him feeling better soon! :)


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