37w1d - Biophysical u/s and not feeling so great

I had a ultrasound this morning at Dr. Potter's request; a biophysical... it was probably the most boring ultrasound I've had so far! Nothing exciting, didn't really get to see much of Miss Munchkin, the tech didn't even measure her to see how big she is today since they just did that last week... she pretty much measured fluid levels, looked at her heart a minute, and listened to the blood flow in the placenta (at least I think that's what was going on)!! :)

My stomach is hurting so bad right now - very achy across my upper abdomen accompanied by occassional waves of nausea, and seeing little white spots again today. My b/p was 110/64 at the Peri's office, so they aren't worried about high b/p... I wish I knew what was going on with me!

I am extra tired today, which maybe is the sole cause of all these various things - Kenneth showed up at 1:45 in the morning!! I wasn't expecting him until this evening, but they got in early. I was SO happy to see him!!! That was a fantastic surprise, but I didn't sleep hardly at all once we went back to bed - I was uncomfortable or my mind was racing... So, today I am sporting two lovely big black circles under my eyes... It's already 1:00 and I only have to make it to 4:30 so I'm trying to tough it out for the day!

I've been pretty busy all morning which helps the time pass.

Now, if my stomach would settle down (or if I would just go into labor!!) all would be well! :)


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