21 weeks today!! OB appt update!

Yesterday was my OB appointment and everything went great! I keep thinking about how well things are going, and how quickly its all flying by... this little one will be here kicking and screaming before we know it!

My weight gain (according to the OB - and I'm happy to go by their numbers) is 11 lbs for the pregnancy so far which is right on target for the half-way point, my blood pressure is still great, and the baby's heartbeat is nice and steady and strong. The report came from the MFDC on the Level II and the OB said everything looks good. My placenta is down "low", but he didn't say anything about a previa.

I have decided to look into what birthing classes the hospital offers, and will try to take one if my schedule allows. It's been so long since I delivered, I'd love to have a refresher and also hear any new "tips and tricks" that might be out there. I've seen a lot of different laboring positions that I know I didn't even KNOW about for my son's delivery.

In 7 more weeks it will be time for the awful Gestational Diabetes Glucose Tolerance test which I'm SO looking forward to! :) I hope to pass that with flying colors!
So, next appt will be early April for the fetal echo, and another OB appointment the week after!

This little one is just kicking up a storm, or bopping around in there or something! I can feel quite a bit of activity higher up than normal, right around my belly button today. It's fun feeling her swimming about in there! I'm thankful she's so active, I love the reminders that she's doing well.

Oh, and the greatest news ever!! At 20w2d I was FINALLY told I could STOP ALL MEDS!!! I may go down in the Guiness Book of World records for surro on meds the longest!! :) I'm so excited to finally be FREE!! :)


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