35w6d Great Phone Call With IPs! :)

I am doing the wiggly dance - 36 weeks tomorrow! I can't tell you how excited I am as the days tick by! I only get more and more excited about this journey, more excited about what the future will hold, more excited about labor!! (Can you imagine?!)

IM called tonight and we had a great conversation - it was really good to talk with her, we've spoken quite a bit this month and I have really enjoyed that!! I think she is so ready for this baby girl to make her appearance, she'd be happy if it was tomorrow!! But, at the same time she knows she should bake for another week so we're at least to full term - but I think after that she's gonna be watching the calendar closely and be waiting for THE phone call! :) Of course, I will be too - I can't wait to make that phone call!!

I haven't had many, if any, real contractions up to this point, so I keep wondering if I'm going to have any false labor or if when contractions come if it will be the real thing! I of course hope it will be the real thing... I've had a few weird pangs and pains, but I'm pretty sure none of them recently have been Braxton Hicks or anything like that.

I have an ultrasound tomorrow at 9:00am - I can't wait to peek in and make sure she's head down, and hear how big she's gotten!! My OB appt is tomorrow afternoon, so I am looking forward to the latest (not the weigh in, its just ridiculous at this point)!! :) I just want to hear how I'm measuring and if I'm dilated at all, and make sure my blood pressure is good and that there's no protein in my urine.

I've gotten pretty worn out lately with working, and IM and I talked about it briefly on the phone - they would be ok with me taking time off, but I'm not ready to do that yet - just seems like an uneccessary expense for them just because I'm a little extra tired!! I have this Wednesday off due to my appts, and next Wednesday off due to the 4th of July Holiday and I think taking it as easy as possible both of those days will REALLY help get me through these two weeks, so we'll see how I feel that 2nd week in July - that will be week 38 and Kenneth will be home so I might want to take a vacation day or two anyway to spend some time with him!

Anyhow, we're getting there day by day... I'm feeling good for the most part other than a rough day or two or morning/afternoon every now and then! :) (This morning I was feeling super grumpy, but I'm feeling much better by this afternoon!!)

Ok, I'll wrap this up - I am getting so chatty as we get closer to the finish line!


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