30 week OB Appt Update!

Yesterday was my 30 week OB appointment, and everything went just fine. No protein in my urine, BP was 100/62, weight gain is ok - a little ahead of schedule but the OB said it was ok, just to keep an eye on it.

I got the official results from my GTT test, I "passed with flying colors" which was good to hear. I don't think I was really worried about it, but you never know, especially after the gastric bypass, how my body is really processing sugar and I wasn't sure if that would affect the test results.

Miss Munchkin is still breech, but they don't worry about it until around 36 weeks. If she is still breech at that point, we can discuss doing a version but he said there are risks involved. I really don't know much about them. I'm hoping and praying she'll head on down south in the next few weeks and it will be a non-issue.

We got to listen to her heartbeat for a minute or two, she sounds good and strong. He was watching her squirm around while he followed her around with the doppler. She is such an active little girl!

I asked about their policy on induction, just to find out if it was even an option for us and was told they don't even discuss them until you're 39 weeks, and they schedule them for 41 weeks. The hospital won't accept an induction date prior to 40 weeks. So that sort of settles that!! I am happy with that though, I really want to just let nature take its course and let her bake as long as she needs to bake! I'm really hoping for this whole experience to be MUCH more natural than my son's birth. I was so unaware of my options then, and I want to be in control of this delivery and let my body do what it is so very capable of doing.

So, my next OB appointment is in about 2.5 weeks, and I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks. Today I'm taking a Vacation Day from work and we're getting ready for my SIL's wedding tomorrow! The ladies in the wedding party are going out to have their nails painted, and I was invited along since I'm singing; we'll head out around 4pm. Kenneth has drill today but should be home around noon which is good, he'll have plenty of time to pack his Blues and his own bag. I haven't seen him in dress Blues in so long!! I can't wait to see him in them tomorrow! :)


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