39 weeks today! :)

WOW! I made it to 39 weeks!! This little girl is going to be bigger than I thought she was, I bet!

T&I took Kent and myself to dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Monday night and I had the yummiest chicken fried chicken with gravy; oh so bad for me but SO good!! It was great to see them after all these months and spend some time catching up.

We decided to try Mexican last night and I ordered something HOT on the menu - I think I ate about 3 or 4 jalepenos total... WOW!! However, that didn't do it either!! Miss M is too comfy cozy in her little cocoon. Tonight I'm going to suggest Italian and order the eggplant parmesan... they're old wives tales, but I figure it can't hurt! :)

We talked about discussing an induction on the 23rd if Miss M is still hanging out by then - that's next Monday so its really not THAT far away!! I have an OB appointment tomorrow and will ask the midwife if she will strip my membranes while I'm there, and find out what we need to do to get an induction scheduled just in case. I'm really hoping my body does it all by itself - the human body is just incredible, and I am looking forward to having labor start on its own - knowing that is the baby's way of saying "Ok, NOW I'm ready to come out"! Plus, I am very curious to see what kind of labor I will have, when I will know its the real thing... all of that!

I'm having a few contractions today, not much this morning but they (and the back pain) is picking up this afternoon. My stomach feels even more tight today - I feel like she's really filling up all the space in there!!


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