38w1d Just Checking In

Wow, just past the 38 week mark today!! Woo hoo!!! :)

The PBO is going before the judge tomorrow, so that should be all set finally - YAY! :)

I am really sick and feeling pretty miserable still; came down with this cold on Monday and just haven't been able to shake it yet. Kenneth kindly gave it to me, and yet he seems to feel almost completely better. Though the doctor did put him on antibiotics which may have sped things along for him.

I'm feeling ok, a little out of it and a little "off". I had very little appetite last night, and my stomach has been aching off and on with various pains and pangs; I'm pretty sure at least some of the pains are contractions but it is really hard for me to know for sure! Today I'm having a lot of menstrual like crampiness and upset stomach.

I don't really want to go into labor while I'm sick, but I would still be happy if things got started today! I think its the not knowing that is driving me the most crazy - not that I really don't want to be pregnant anymore; I just hate the torture of not knowing WHEN labor will start! :)

So, on the 10th I had an OB appointment and everything went fine. I am dilated to a 2 now, but still thick. My weight gain has slowed down quite a bit (yay), blood pressure was fine, no protein in my urine, and I'm measuring 36.5 weeks now. It seems my uterus isn't growing much more, but this little girl is sure filling up the space nicely! My abdomen feels really tight across the top most of the time.

I guess that's it for today's update! Not too much back pain this morning - mainly just crampiness, some low pressure, and feeling tired and congested from my cold!


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