Ho hum...

Trying to locate what's left of my patience... haven't heard anything from the clinic, so I don't know what they're still missing and I am DESPERATE to find out if we can move ahead with a calendar and meds without all of the tests making it in, or if they HAVE to have them in hand...

I should leave a message for my OB, too, to check on those last two tests they re-did for me last Monday... I'm feeling a little sorry for myself, but really I need to shake it off; worst case is I stay on BCPs maybe anothe week to give us all time to get the rest of our ducks in a row. I guess I'm just really invested in January, and the group of women cycling and transferring that month on SMO and I just want it to happen... :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I can't believe its already come and gone!! Now to get all the new things put away and get the house back in some semblance of order! :) The dining room had become wrapping central, so now the bows, bags, and paper need to travel back to their homes and give me my dining room back! :)

I sent my IPs a notebook of our surrogacy journey - snippets of journal entries, ultrasound and belly pictures, and gestational development quotes... they received it the day before Christmas and said it was the best Christmas present they'd received. Awww!! That just touched my heart! I'm SO happy they liked it!! I put a lot of love into that... I am so blessed by them.

Well, I get to go ahead and leave early today - its quiet this week!! I get to go visit Deb and her quadruplets and meet two other online friends this Friday!! I am SOO EXCITED! I just can't wait! :)

I hope I have some news tomorrow!


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