PBO is in process!

I spoke to the attorney last night which was nice; she was a very sweet lady. They are targeting June 20th to have the PBO all finalized which is terrific!! A month out is a good time frame.

She said the local Atlanta counsel would be in touch in the next day or so regarding getting the affidavits to me and Kenneth to sign (before he heads out for a month), so I'm hoping she calls today; I do have a Power of Attorney for Kenneth if I need to use it - but it would be much better if he could just sign it himself!

I also learned that Lyn has already been in touch with the hospital once to fill them in on the details of the surrogacy, and will be in touch between now and delivery to try to ensure that whoever is on the staff during our delivery knows what's going on and who the parents are. That was good to know that's not all on my shoulders!

Things are moving along! :)


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