Appointments made, testing list in hand!

I feel like we've made some progress! :) Cooper faxed over the list of tests Kenneth and I have to have done. I will be taking that list with me next Wednesday when I go to my OB for labs and cultures. I am hoping he will schedule my saline sono for November 23rd or 26th and I can stop my active pills that day to go ahead and get going on my next period/cycle. IF it all comes together, and we get the results to the RE by my consult on the 28th they might just give us the ok to start cycling with my end of December cycle which would put us mid-January for transfer... lots of what ifs and maybes!! I will just be happy to have a TIMELINE come the end of this month, one way or the other!

It is nice to have the list and have things to start checking off, one by one. I've already requested my PAP results be sent to Cooper, and DH is going to take the list with him of his testing needed to work tomorrow and try to send out some of the results from his military medical records (whichever ones they have already done on him) - we'll have to get him an appt at Quest or a local lab for the rest of the tests.

It feels good to be doing something productive!! I'm still crossing my fingers for January! :)


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