36 week Ultrasound and OB Appointment

Everything is going well! :)

The u/s was in the morning; Miss Munchkin is a good girl and is head down, and measuring on track at about 5lbs 11oz. She was wiggly and unhappy with the u/s tech pressing the wand down on her and let me know all about it!! We got a GREAT picture of her adorable little face using the 3-D scanner. I was in and out of there pretty quickly since the doctor wasn't in to go over the pictures with me. I got a call later from them that they want me back in next week for a biophysical - I don't know what that is or why though, so I have to find out! :)

The OB appointment went well too - weight gain is steady, no protein in my urine, and her little heartbeat sounded great in the 140s-150s. I got the chance to ask a few questions and get better prepared. With this being delivery #2 they want me at the hospital either as soon as my water breaks, or when contractions are steady at 8-10 minutes apart. They also don't have any problems with me laboring in the water as long as there is no meconium present. I am planning to labor in the shower and tub as much as possible for pain relief, so that was good to know!

They did a blood draw and took a couple cultures, and the midwife did an internal check and I am a "loose 1", soft but still thick and she could feel the baby's head!! Woo Hoo!! A little activity! :) (As of Friday I was still "long, thick, and closed" when they checked at the Hospital.)

Today I am loosing quite a bit of mucous, I am assuming its part of my mucous plug - and feeling a bit of pressure. I don't think I'm going into labor immediately, but I just have that feeling that its going to be soon (really, she needs to bake at least another week so I hope this doesn't progress too much between now and next Wednesday)!

I have this intense urge to get EVERYTHING cleaned up as though each day were my last day at work, and each hour my last hour at home. It's good to be prepared, I just hope that labor isn't really 4 or 5 weeks off and my body clock is all screwy! :) With my son, this happened right before, so I keep wondering if it will happen soon!

I've been baking like crazy too - chocolate chip cookies the other day, and I made fudge last night! Yummy!! I had to take most of both to work or else I will eat it all and gain 20 more lbs! :)


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