Yikes!! Where Has the Time GONE?!

So much has happened!!

My labs are all done! (YAY!!) It took over 2 weeks to get the results - but they've been sent to Cooper, so I can officially mark that off the list. I had my RE Consult on 11/28 with Dr. Brasile and that went great! She was fully supportive of a January cycle as long as my saline sono results come back ok. She said to get on prenatals again.

The saline sono is set for December 17th, so just a few more days on BCPs, then I can be done for this cycle, and hopefully only have 1 pack more!! :)

I will schedule my mock transfer at Georgia Reproductive around 12/14, I'll schedule it as soon as my period shows up since it has to be between CD1-12 and I want to get that out of the way as well - so the SSH is the LAST thing on our list. Kenneth needs most of his labs, so as soon as he gets home from SERE school we'll schedule that as well. Then we'll be done with the pretesting! Yay!! Dr. Brasile said to call the week before I expected my January cycle, but of course I'll be in contact with them sooner than that to make SURE they have everything they need and try to get a calendar, and my meds set up.

Fiona is doing GREAT!! T&I have sent me the CUTEST pictures of her, I can't wait to spend those couple days with them when I fly up for transfer!! What a blessing it will be to see them all together!! :)


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