36w5d - Oh the pressure! :)

Wow - on the way home today I had VERY painful pressure down low, I felt like she was pushing her little head HARD against my cervix!! That was really uncomfortable, especially being in the car and not being able to move around much!! I had to push my hips up off the seat at the stop light to help take a little pressure off.

The other fun thing I discovered that was new today is a lot of looseness in my lower pelvic area - I stood up from my office chair and felt this weird sensation down low between my thighs, high up - I don't know how else to descibe it except that everything felt so loose... I could feel things sliding as I walked!! Weird!!! But good! :)

3 days until the next ultrasound and 8 more days until my next OB appointment!! I keep wondering if I'll make it to the OB appt... I think we will, but you just never know!

Tomorrow night we're going to see fireworks, Wednesday I have a vacation day for the 4th, and Thursday is the ultrasound and Kenneth's return home! Yay!! The next couple days will go quickly I'm sure.

I have an ExpectNet guessing game for weight/length/birthdate, etc. for anyone who wants to join in: http://www.expectnet.com/games/MissMunchkin


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