A few more items checked off the list!

The saline sono was on Monday the 17th - my OB said everything looked just great! So no problems there, just have to get the report to Cooper!

I faxed copies of my labs to Cooper as they said they didn't get them from my OB, and they still haven't gotten my PAP results; I really hope to have that to them by next week - especially with them shutting down, I think, really soon (for a week for the Holidays). I hope to get the nurse on the phone today to find out where we're at, and what needs to happen. I kind of wonder if my cycle is going to get pushed out a little further - maybe putting us in early February for a transfer.

As it stands, Kenneth's labs were done yesterday, and they said the results should be to Cooper the 1st week of January. I found out 2 of my labs were never done when they were initially sent in, so now we have to wait on results for 2 more of my tests as well.

On my current pill pack my cycle would start Jan. 5th, meaning my last pill taken on Jan. 2nd - but I can't imagine everything will be resolved by Jan 2nd!! Everything would have to be in place by then... Anyhow, we'll see what happens next. I feel like I've done most everything I can to help things along, and really a few more days isn't so bad.

I feel like I've not made much progress since I talked to the RE almost a month ago!

Fiona turned FIVE MONTHS old yesterday!! My IPs sent fantastic pictures of her - she's just SO beautiful!! I love seeing how she's growing, and hearing how they're doing. I have some pictures of her on my bulletin board, right behind my computer monitor, so I "see" her every day! :)

The Holidays are really here... I go shopping tonight for stocking stuffers, and have to get all of Kent's gifts wrapped up tonight. And I have to decide if I want to buy anything for Kenneth so he'll have something to unwrap - since I already bought his big gift (he got a gun safe this year - a nice one!!)

I get to drive my present every day, so I am not expecting much under the tree either! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! :) I look forward to what 2008 will bring.


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