32 Week Ultrasound

I went and had my 32 week ultrasound today and Miss Munchkin looks GREAT!! I got a couple very cute pictures of her little face to send to my IPs, her cheeks look chubby and adorable already!

My blood pressure was 98/70 which is a little low for me, but they don't really care about my vitals at this clinic (the Maternal Fetal Diagnostic Center)! My cervix is nice and long still which is always good to hear.

She's measuring right on track, weighs in at about 4lbs 1oz, her fluid levels were great, her heart sounded great. The tech was nice, and talked throughout the scan telling me what she was looking at. Miss Munchkin was very active throughout the u/s and was just wiggling all over. She was waving at us too!

Oh, and the great news - they confirmed that she IS HEAD DOWN!!! I thought so, I haven't felt that reocurring pain in my ribs for about a week, but I was so glad to have them confirm.

The doctor who reviewed everything after the scan said her weight is great, and she's gained about 6 ounces a week since my last u/s, so all looks well with her growth and development! I will go again in 4 more weeks and hopefully that will be the last u/s and then she will be here!!!
I can't believe that!! Sometimes July 25th seems like an eternity away, and then other times I just want to hit the pause button and slow it all down. I am so anxious for delivery day and finally seeing her with her parents though, so I don't want to slow things down too much. :)

I am starting to have a more difficult time with sleeping, and am experiencing frequent wake ups in the night for a multitude of reasons at this point (mainly leg cramps, hip pain/numbness, having to use the bathroom and other times waking up for no apparent reason with my mind racing). I'm hoping and praying this isn't an every night occurance or I will be a mess half way through each week! I have discovered that eating two calcium chews (I use the Kroger brand of Viactiv) helps with the leg cramps which is good - some of those have been vicious!

That's it for now - I have an OB appointment with the midwife next Monday - I have a few things to ask her about, but I'm sure I'll hear that its all normal third trimester fun, fun, fun! :)


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