38w5d - It's Monday!!

Ahhh!! It's Monday!! Still no Miss Munchkin, she's hanging in there!! I've had contractions off and on all day, and this afternoon I feel like she's about to fall out - she's low and putting a lot of pressure on my cervix which feels sore.

My IPs are HERE!! I am so excited! We're meeting tonight for dinner in town - they're staying at a hotel that's really close by the house which is GREAT! I can't believe I haven't seen them since NOVEMBER, and now they're here to meet their baby girl and take her home! WOW!!!

I really hope we don't make it to Thursday's OB appointment, but if I do I am going to ask the midwife to strip my membranes... I am so ready to deliver this baby girl, all the symptoms and uncertainty of when are driving me a little crazy! :) Mostly I'm just excited and so ready! :)


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