37w5d No Sleep!

Ok, I'm exhausted this morning (and grumpy)!! For various reasons I kept waking up last night, mainly discomfort and having to use the bathroom. But the last straw was at about 4:00am when our dog, Max, decided he needed to go outside and was whining. So, I let him out and couldn't get back to sleep after that. At about 5:00am I gave up, got up, fixed myself some breakfast which I then realized I wasn't hungry for and proceeded to get ready for work.

I think I waited to long to go to bed last night too, even though we were in bed by around 9:30, I was dragging by the time I went to sleep. I had another cleaning rush last night, swept, cleaned out the freezer, and baked banana bread!

I'm having a lot of pressure/discomfort/sensations low this morning, but that's about it - well that and a lot of back aches that seem to come and go.

My throat is also feeling scratchy, I really hope I'm not coming down with Kenneth's cold! He's not feeling well at all, and sounded pretty bad this morning. I guess if I am sick, it probably wouldn't hurt to just have a day to stay home and rest - I know my body would certainly appreciate that! We'll see if the itchy throat goes away or not! I'm having congestion in my ears again as well. I've heard flu like symptoms can be common before labor - maybe (cross fingers and toes) that's what's going on?! :) I've also heard PMS type symptoms can mean labor is on its way - that is ME today!! Crabby and irritable along with a few of those lovely lower menstrual like cramps. However, along with these being pre-labor symptoms, everything I've read said that can mean labor is imminent or 2 weeks away!! Come on now! Give a girl a break!


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