Sleeping Good?!!

The last two nights I've been reading and walking on my treadmill (slowly) for about a half hour right before bed - and I have slept like a LOG!!! It's been so great!! I am hoping the two are connected, because if they are that's something I can definitely keep up!

I'm also practicing a relaxation method I read about in my Bradley Birthing method book; that feels good and helps me off to sleep as well!

Yesterday was my birthday, so Kent and I went to dinner together at Longhorn and I had a VERY yummy Flo's Filet with mashed potatoes and then managed a few bites of the ultimate brownie sundae (which was HEAVENLY but SOOO rich)!! I was stuffed! It was a very nice meal and fun to go on a "date" with my little man!

He's spending some time with his great-grandmother today, and tonight the real estate agents come and I am "officially" taking our house off the market. It hasn't shown once, and its too stressful (especially with Kenneth gone) to try to keep everything in "walk through" condition by myself! Too much to do... anyhow, with the market being so weird right now, we're happy to just stay put for the time being.

I had a great chat with my IM last night, they are SO sweet and sent the most beautiful birthday card and a very generous gift! Anyhow, IM and I were catching up and she said she'd had another dream that the birth was going to be quick with a short labor... she also told me her friend thought I would deliver on the 27th so I said "Wait!! I don't want to go over-due!!" and she said, "No, the 27th of JUNE!!" I said wait a minute, that would only be 36 weeks! Let's hope that one doesn't come true, and that maybe her feeling has something to do with the ultrasound and OB appointments I have that day... It would be fine to hear I'm starting to dilate, or that things are looking like I might start laboring soon, but this little bug needs to stay snuggled in at LEAST until 37 weeks! :) (Which is July 4th)!


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