7/20/20 ~ Weekly Meal Plan

Only two weeks left this month! July is more than half way over already... where are the days going? It's gotten HOT here - we go outside to run an errand, or check on the garden, or refill the bird feeder and then just want to get back inside - to the safety of air conditioning!

Lindsey has been enjoying her little kiddie pool in the backyard, and our neighborhood pool when we have had the opportunity to head over there (when it's quiet enough, and I'm not too tired by the evening to take her!)

This week we have a few chicken dishes on the menu along with some fresh summery soup and sliders with nice thick baked potato wedges - yumm! We're still working on eating our way through the large quantities of chicken we bought and then froze during the Raeford Farms Meating the Need events they held in Georgia - such a great way to buy protein at an amazing price. We've really been enjoying having that in the freezer, and the ability to share it with others too!

Cream Cheese Spinach Stuffed Chicken
Sauteed Cabbage with Bacon

Instant Pot Minestrone Soup

Honey and Goat Cheese Chicken
Garden Harvest Vegetable Bread Loaf

Grilled Chicken Bacon Slider Sandwiches 

Chicken Mozzarella Pasta

Baking this week:
Carrot Muffins
Tiramisu Bundt Cake


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