What a great weekend!

Vicki got me another charm for the Pandora bracelet she got me last month, (on the far left) it's a Lucky Clover for our March IUI!! It's so pretty, I love it!! I had to share!

Now if only AF would arrive, we could get going for that IUI!! Ack! My temp dipped 3 degrees this AM which is a good sign, so hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow... I can't believe how long this is taking... the last 2 cycles I monitored with no meds it was at 14dpo both times - it's just trying my patience I've decided. I'm using the fresh parsley tea (started yesterday) to see if that will help at all.

So yesterday was our fantastic zoo visit day!! It was GREAT! The weather couldn't have been more perfect! We met up in the parking lot where we'd had pizza a week or so ago, so we could carpool. We swung through McDonalds for some breakfast and off we went! I took a bunch of shots of the boys and of Vicki with the boys, and Vicki has the shots of the two of us and the group shot which hopefully I can add later!

There were too many cute moments!! Johnny wasn't too thrilled about riding in the stroller some of the time and he would reach his hand out and say "Beka, HELP!!" I was cracking up!! He is TOO cute!! Kent was being slightly dramatic (gasp)!! He kept saying his legs were killing him and he was tired... and then we'd do something he wanted to do and voila, he perked up!! Crazy cute kiddos! During our wandering around the giftshop at the end of the day we got some too cute pictures of both of us trying on goofy zoo sunglasses! We just had a very good time, and I was very happy that traffic was pretty light both ways (though we passed a bad accident going the other direction on the way home).

Here's some pics of the day.

Vicki and Kent at the meerkats:

Johnny making snake noises and tickling Vicki in the reptile house:

Kent and Johnny with Willie B:

Vicki and Johnny looking at a very pretty bird in the Treehouse:

I was so tired when we got home!! Kenneth got to come home again to sleep (he came home Friday night too), so we went to bed right after dinner and I slept REALLY soundly last night! It was a very good nights sleep! :)

Today I'm taking Kent for his annual eye appointment and some new glasses and maybe some shopping while we wait for them to be made!

I had plans to do a bunch of shopping this morning, but discovered Kenneth took the car that I'd left my list and coupons in, so that will have to wait! I went through Kent's summer clothes this AM and realized none of his shorts will fit, so it's time for a wardrobe update for him. :)


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