Awesome day at the spa - THANK YOU Vicki!!

Vicki and I met up this morning at 9:00am at the Green Tree Spa and had an incredibly relaxing 1 hour full body massage in 2 connected rooms that had the doors opened so we could be nearby each other. We chatted a lot while we were getting ready and then waiting for the masseuses to come back in, but there was no talking going on once the massage started... It was probably the best massage I've had, I almost fell asleep a couple times but then she was working out some of the knots I have in my back/neck so that kept waking me up! :D That hour went wayyyy too fast!! When they were done, I think we were both ready to just conk out and take a nap!

We had some water, and got up and left there to do a little shopping at the mall which was right next door. First we stopped at a little jewelry store that sells charms for the Pandora bracelets we have - they had quite a few cute charms but not the ones we were looking for. So we headed across the parking lot to the actual mall and went to Old Navy first, I had a gift card there and wanted to see what I could find. I found a cute tube top (that has some room for "growth" for when my prego belly shows up), and a great deal on a hoodie for Kent for next year! Then we stopped in at Yankee Candle (I LOVE that place!!) and Vicki found a couple candles. By then it was time to head back to the spa for our 11:30 facials. I have never had a facial so it was new to me and wonderful!! WOW!! I think I did doze off during part of that, once she put the mask on my face and had my hands in lotion in the warming gloves and stepped out to let it do its thing on my skin... so peaceful!! It was wonnnnderful!! I liked the part with the steam heat on my face. I loved it so much. I still feel totally "chill"!!

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at Olive Garden (LOVE their soup/salad/breadstick meal) and chatted some and then headed our separate ways. Today is so overcast and rainy, what better way to spend an icky day then enjoying a little pampering!!

I told Vicki she's spoiling me so much I'm going to get mushy and rotten!!

We had a fabulous day of pampering thanks to Vicki; I truly know how lucky I am, and I am very thankful for Vicki and John! Now we both just hope next weekend is going to be equally as wonderful in a completely different way (hoping our IUI is next Saturday)!! YAY!


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