A quiet evening!

11dpo today and a teeny bit more spotting this AM, I'm thinking tomorrow or Friday will be CD1 and I'll either have my baseline on Friday or Monday.

Kenneth didn't call or show up yesterday, so I assume he's out of touch for the remainder of the week, and will show up on Sunday! :) Crazy military schedule, there is no schedule - I am so used to it though, it didn't phase me at all to not hear from him. I assume no news is good news! :)

Kent and I had a quiet night at home with the dogs, just warmed up some leftovers and I let him watch his Final Fantasy netflix movie in my room with L.B. and I caught up on a couple hours of my Amercian Idol recordings! I think my brain is mush now! :D

I decided I definitely need to be productive tonight and get some cleaning up done - there's a lot of straightening up to do in the kitchen and living room. Kenneth accuses me of being a surface abuser with my clothes (guilty) but HE is a surface abuser with everything else - his school stuff and car stuff, and magazines, etc. end up all over the place and it drives me nuts! I can't relax in the living room unless its mostly put together - I cannot expect perfection at my house though, between all the dogs and the boys that would be pointless.

I think we're going to have the rest of the leftovers tonight and I'm going to put a beef roast in the crockpot with some potatoes and carrots for tomorrow (depending on what night we meet up with Vicki & John), that will be a nice smell to come home to! We might grab dinner with V&J one night this week, and we all have plans to go to the zoo on Saturday if the weather holds up - I'm so excited! I love the zoo (probably more than Kent)! :D He loves the animals too, and it should be a nice day to walk around and enjoy some fresh air and critters. Vicki said Johnny hasn't been yet - so it should be very cool for him!

AND Vicki made plans for her and I to go and have a fantabulous Spa Day on the 14th with an hour massage and a facial! I am so excited!! That is going to be a huge treat, and such a great way to spend some girl time together and relax before the "big day" which should be hopefully within a week of that outing.

All sorts of fun stuff to look forward to this month! Yay!


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