The photography frenzy shall soon begin!!

I think I'm going to start OPKs tonight... so the photographs are coming!! :D I know its early, and I really shouldn't start testing until Friday at the earliest, but I can't help it... sigh...

Today has gone really fast - I've been busy!! Only another hour 'til I head home from work. I think tonight is Kenneth's late night, so Kent and I get some "us" time! We've been reading a book together, maybe we can read another chapter or two, and maybe I can catch up on some of the American Idol recordings I have... I cannot stay on top of all the stuff in the DVR! There just aren't enough hours... I should stop recording some of the shows, but there are so many ones we like!

I guess that's really all - nothing too exciting to add today! Just looking forward to seeing how things go over the weekend, looking forward to getting that positive OPK and cycling!! Can't wait! :)


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