It's ON!!

Vicki picked me up in front of my office about about 9:20 and off we headed to Dr. H.'s office. There was some crappy traffic and a Pepsi truck that ran over the curb and squished some pretty newly planted flowers, but beyond that we got to the office without too much trouble! We were greeted in the hallway by the now familiar stench of something that smells like mexican food and armpit odor, today combined with perfume or chemicals of some sort. Gag.

We got checked in and waited... and waited... and waited!! It must have been almost an hour of waiting up front in the reception area (I know at one point I looked and it was 10:10) and then about another half hour sitting in the 2nd waiting area (which isn't a waiting area, its the nurses work station, so you sit in their chairs while they come and go and lean over you to get charts off of desks, etc.) During this time we complained about the waiting, laughed about silly stuff, planned for the "maybes" and passed the time. I am so glad Vicki is there, and she made that 1.5 hour drive each way after only getting an HOUR of sleep last night being up with a sick kiddo!! She's awesome! :)

Once we were taken into the u/s room Dr. H. came in a few minutes later and we got to FINALLY see what was going on! He started by looking at my lining and said it had greatly improved and was now about a 9.5mm (which is fantastic for me)! Then he moved to the right ovary and immediately we could see a larger follicle, but were disappointed when he measured it at about 17.0-17.5 (don't remember which). Especially since most of the twinging I've been feeling was on the right I was worried! He moved to the left and took a couple different angles and said there were 2 20.something mm follicles there! I've had paratubals at most of the GS ultrasounds I've had so part of me worried it could be that, but he took a lot of measurements and even looked at it in 3D and seemed confident that they were follicles. He was happy with it all and said we were good for the trigger shot (which I didn't even feel) and scheduled us for a 2:30pm IUI tomorrow afternoon!! We are SO EXCITED!!

The whole way back to my office we were just giggling silly about nothing, just SO happy to finally get the ok and know everything was looking good! I am ecstatic and don't know how I'm going to concentrate between now and then. I need to find a good project to throw myself into!!

I am bouncing up and down happy and so READY for tomorrow!! Bring on the 2ww!


  1. you are awesome too!!! I can't believe that after tomorrow we will bein the 2WW!!! WOOOO HOOO Love-ya!

  2. How exciting for everything to fall right into place. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way!!


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