Puppy and a Pee Stick

While I can still share them publicly (before I have to go into stealth mode so I can surprise Vicki with our positive!! :D ) here is the most recent from today to show the trigger leaving my system... it's faded quite a bit, I imagine in two more days I will hardly see anything at all! Peeing on a stick every other day is helping appease my desire to see what's going on without wasting TOO many tests while its still impossibly early!! Today is 2DPO, so the next will be 4DPO and maybe another at 6DPO if there is still a line at 4DPO. Then from there it will be almost time to start looking for that 2nd line to come back!

And here is a picture of Sampson the stray! Kenneth really likes him, but I am adamant about no more dogs, especially puppies that chew and need house training! I don't have it in me!!

He is a cutie pie though, and great with the dogs and I'm SURE he will find a good home. I sent his picture and an e-mail to the rescue group we got Sadie through and also to Vicki - hopefully it won't take too long to find him a good place to go. But I will definitely feel better about helping him find a good rescue group or home, rather then the shelter. (As you can see by the two dogs in the background, we have a pretty full house already)!


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