I'm so excited that "our month" is really here. :) I made an appt for early this afternoon to have my blood drawn to check my progesterone levels to verify if I really did ovulate - my temps have remained in the 98.2-98.4 range the last few days and I cannot think of any other reason it would. I've had the low 99.0-99.5 temps in the afternoon/evenings as well, all classic post-ovulatory for me. I think I really want to confirmation from the doctor, since he said he didn't see a mature follicle at the u/s we had done which would have only been a few days before I ovulated according to my chart (though thinking back I'm pretty sure he also said he couldn't get a clear shot of one of my ovaries because my bowel was moving around a lot - that'll teach me to eat salad a couple hours before an u/s!). I would just like to know for sure what my hormones are doing before we get going next month.

I ordered 25 OSOM pregnancy tests this morning, so I should be all stocked up and ready to go now! Yay! Hopefully only about 2.5 more weeks until our IUI - 2 or 3 more weekends! YAY!

Updated chart:


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