She's HERE - we're on our way!!

My temp dove another 4 degrees down to 97.7 and I KNEW that meant AF must be showing up today, and sure enough she's on her way in this morning... I am SO excited! It's ridiculous to be that excited about AF, but nonetheless I am!!

We have a baseline appointment set up for 3/11 at 9:15am, and Vicki will be there too, and we'll get the run down on what all needs to happen between now and our next appointment (Vicki remembers him saying we'll come back in on CD14 and have a check to see how my ovaries look and if I'm ready to be triggered, and I think she is probably right). If I'm not ready on CD14, I'll probably get daily checks until I am. I am SO excited!! About 2 more weeks and it's going to be our turn to cycle! WOW!

In so many ways it feels like the months have FLOWN by, and then again some parts have just dragged while we've been waiting on my body to do what it needs to do... I have been so blessed to get to spend so much time with Vicki and her family, getting to know them. We are all so thrilled to be moving forward to the next step, the 2ww is going to be TORTURE!! :D

Vicki was telling me about John asking when "THE appointment" was going to be over the weekend, so from this point forward that is what I will be thinking of IUI day as - THE appointment!! :D

I have my lucky green clover socks from Vicki, our lucky transfer day shirts are on the way, I have my new beautiful lucky clover charm on my bracelet and a couple little somethings for luck for Vicki, now we wait and hope all our "lucky thoughts" help us "get lucky" in a couple weeks!


  1. Yeah!! You're on your way!! So exciting!!

  2. YAY YAY!! I am so excited " THE APPT" will be here before we know it.


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