2DPO... but who's counting?

Yesterday I posted this on SMO:

We are 1dpo... and I didn't pee today!! Yay me!

I was stressing a little this AM about my temp not jumping, but did a lot of reading and see that for quite a few people the HCG trigger will delay or prevent a clear thermal shift to be seen at ovulation, so I am just relying on my other body signs to trust that its happened and we are well on our way to a beautiful BFP!! I actually was very relaxed all day, and didn't even really have to fight an urge to pee on a stick (and obviously its WAY TOO EARLY and I had a trigger, but that won't stop me for much longer)!

I hope the 2ww goes quickly especially for Vicki's sake!! I never really realized how much harder it is on the IPs than the surro's!! My IPs didn't really talk to me about their feelings during our 2wws! Hugs and love Vicki!!

Today is a new day and Thank God It's FRIDAY!! Yay! I'm so happy its the weekend... this week has been crazy and wonderful, and I'm ready for some down time.

My temp went up to 97.9 this AM but I won't be (too) excited until I see at least 2 more days of good high temps, it will be reassuring to see that! I am definitely feeling warm this morning, and exhausted! I wonder if I have progesterone from 3 corpus luteums pumping into my system instead of just the normal 1 and if that's making me more tired... Who knows! (And I am really warm this morning... my face feels HOT).

Tomorrow I am going to Vicki's for a Lia Sofia jewelry party, then we're doing Dinner Afare at 1:00 and then we're all going over to their house for dinner and hanging out!! Yay! It will be a busy fun day, and then Sunday we'll probably do NOTHING... (except steam vac the carpets, I realllly need to with the wet weather the dogs have been bringing the outdoors IN!)

And this morning we found a stray, and guess where said stray is now? In our basement, playing with Sadie while Kenneth keeps saying how "cute" he is and "does he have to" take him to the shelter??!! ACK!!! He's a BIG dog too, not much smaller than Sadie, but younger - probably less than 1 (Kenneth thinks Husky/Pitt mix, I think Shepherd/Pitt mix). He's very sweet and apparently having a blast running around with Sadie (who is very excited to have a play mate that is WILLING to play with her - our other dogs are smaller and usually not interested in being knocked around by her)! We found him in the daycare parking lot just wandering around and I cannot leave a stray, too many cars. Kenneth will take him to have him checked for a chip and we may keep him overnight and take him tomorrow, but I am NOT getting suckered into another dog!! NO WAY!!

Ok, I think that's it for now! :)


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