Maternity Clothes!! :D

Oh I'm such a goober!! Vicki pointed me to a post on SMO today listing some maternity clothes in my size that were nice (good for work, which are always needed!) and so I ordered several pieces!! A pant suit, a pair of slacks, a pair of more casual pants, a see through cover shirt, and a dress... before I ordered them, I pulled my tub of maternity clothes out from the attic to make sure that brand fits me in that size!! OH MY GOSH!! Memories, lots of them, lots of huge warm fuzzies... so much love was held in my belly, under those clothes... and I can't wait to hold John & Vicki's miracle of love under those shirts and pants again... (tearing up)! Sounds silly, right?!! :D (And I'm still wearing one of the pairs of shorts I tried on - what can I say? They're cute and comfy! Hee hee!!) My pile of pants is MUCH smaller then my pile of shirts, so I'm glad I ordered the pants in particular!

Vicki invited Kent and I to meet them for dinner this evening too - so what a night it has been! We all met at Jim N Nicks BBQ for a super yummy dinner and a couple hours of hanging out and watching the boys be silly! We got kicked to the "naughty corner" booth, after Johnny's cup of tea hit the deck and spilled out all over the floor!! :D (Ok, we didn't really get kicked out, we moved ourselves, but still)!

I really do feel like the luckiest woman and surrogate ever - to get to share this experience, this soon to be pregnancy, this surrogacy with a couple who I can call my friends and soon call my family...


  1. AWWW!!! Now I have tears running down my face. Hugs , we are so excited about our journey with you!!!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day! I can't wait to read more about your journey!


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