9 Days...

We had our CD3 baseline check in this morning with Dr. H... let's say once again we leave there less than thrilled with him!! Ack!! We are having to do all the planning on this... he wanted me to come in on the 18th, which would be CD10 for a follicle check, to see if I would be ready to trigger - that is CRAZY early in my cycle (especially based on my recent history)! So Vicki and I went back and forth a little trying to figure out which day would be best, and we settled on Friday the 20th which is CD12. It's still a little early, but I think it will give us a good idea of where we are at, and we feel a little better about checking a LITTLE early rather then waiting for Monday the 23rd at CD15 which could potentially be too late.

Dr. H. said he'll trigger for anything 15mm or larger, but 15mm seems very small to me. Vicki and I would want to wait to trigger when the follicle(s) are at least at an 18mm, and would prefer they be 20mm+.

So, we'll see how things go - 9 more days for a check in! Thinking lots of GROW FOLLICLES GROW thoughts!! :)


  1. Lots of grow follicles grow thoughts coming your way!


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