The Two Week Wait Begins!

Yesterday was a whirlwind!! I got to sleep in a little yesterday morning since I was working from home, which was a nice way to start the day, but I'd been tossing and turning since about midnight and was excited for the day to start, so I was ready to get up!

I was able to cook the boys a hot breakfast for a change, which was really nice (biscuits and gravy) and put Kent on the school bus before getting to work. I have a pretty big assignment that is going to take me several days to complete, and its great for at home work since its all on the computer, editing, etc. I got going on that and Kenneth was working on homework for school, before I knew it it was already well after 9:00 and Vicki and I chit chatted a little back and forth but she was busy too. The hours went by quickly and pretty soon it was 11:30 so I went and finished getting ready! Had my very cute lucky clover shirt, my lucky knee high socks from Vicki, painted my nails pink and had pink underwear and bra on for baby girl vibes. :)

At about 12:15 John & Vicki arrived and I was waiting at the door, ready to go! I had a little present for Vicki (a box of "lucky charms" - a rabbits foot, number 7, 4-leaf clover, etc. and a green bracelet and necklace made by a Kari on SMO) and she had a beautiful little basket full of goodies for me! More pregnancy tests (I am going to have to line them all up and photograph them, I have QUITE the stash going on thanks to Vicki!! :D ) a yummy smelling shampoo, a gorgeous ring and necklace and a rose charm for the pandora bracelet!

We were so excited on the drive to Atlanta! We stopped at The Derby for lunch since we had a little bit of time to kill and enjoyed some good food there - I ate some lucky french fries with my very yummy french dip sandwich! :) Towards the end of lunch, I looked at the mirror that was hung on the wall of the booth, and what did it say? "Three Lives" (I think it was the name of some vodka or something)! So we were all grinning and laughing about that (Vicki's been saying triplets ever since we saw the first u/s with 3 follicles) and then John pointed out a big lucky clover sign hung right behind my head!! That was a fun little "good luck sign" to take with us! (And as a disclaimer, no I am not one who particularly wants to carry multiples, but it's still fun to joke about between us, I've already told Vicki if we see three on an ultrasound, she will find me in bed crying and petrified for the following week). :D

Then we headed off to Dr. H.'s office a little before 2:00 and were met with really horrible traffic, and what should have taken about 5 minutes took about 15 instead! It was crazy! So, we were running a little late, but got there and got the sample to them at about 2:30, and then we waited! At about the 35 minute mark we asked how much longer (since we'd been told it takes about 40 minutes to process the sample) and shortly after asking we were taken back to the room and I undressed from the waist down and draped myself with the lovely pink gown. Then we all waited in the room, and at about 3:30 the doctor checked in telling us it'd be a little longer because they were re-spinning the sample as there was still mucous on it after the first spin... so we started anxiously tapping our toes and waited a little longer. It was about 4:00 when Dr. H. came in and did the IUI. As he inserted the catheter Vicki and I squeezed each others hands and hoped for one of those little swimmers to go find an egg to make friends with!!

After the IUI was done I was tilted back a little and told to rest for about 30 minutes, while John & Vicki went out to hear how the sperm sample looked. We were not terribly impressed with the machinery he was using, how long the sample was left sitting out before it was examined, and how he couldn't answer many questions John & Vicki had so we're not holding much stock in his semen analysis. We're just continuing our monitoring to confirm ovulation and then hopefully in about 9 days I can start testing and seeing a positive HPT! The trigger takes about 8 days to leave a persons system, and 9DPO is usually about the earliest you'll see a positive anyway, so the timing should be about right. My temp dropped the 2 previous days, and then today jumped back up to 97.6 (where it had been for about 2 weeks straight at the beginning of our cycle) so I'm hoping its on its way up to 98.0 so we can confirm ovulation has occurred!! Yay!!

Now to go find that patience thing, I know I have it around here somewhere...


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